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Backup Blog Posts As Word Documents?

I have a Wordpress blog (my own hosting / installation) with around 150 entries. I would like to save each of these entries as a .doc (or .odt) document. How can I do this easily?

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I think that if you rename an HTML file to .doc and open it with Word it may automatically convert it to a Word document (you should try that out with your copy of Word before depending on it, obviously.)

You can save a single page as HTML just using your browser's File... Save As. A tool like HTTrack would help you save your entire web site to HTML files automatically.
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I don't know about Word but I found this article about OpenOffice.
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If you're doing this as a backup and not for some other purpose, why Word? Plain text makes much more sense because it wouldn't invoke all of the crap extraneous formatting metadata that Word would foist on the files.
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You could try Google Docs. I store a lot of stuff for backup purposes on my Google Docs, and have been using it for 3-4 years with no problems whatsoever.
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