Need Italian music for mix CD
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My roommate is going to Italy for six months, and refuses to let me buy her a going away present. So, instead of purchasing something, I'd like to maybe make her a few compilation cds of Italian music. Recommendations please!

She's 20 and happily listens to just about anything you play for her. Some modern music mixed with some slightly older stuff (1960s) would be great. Happy music that will make her feel like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, discovering Italy and eating lots of gelato and shit.
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Matteo can probably answer this best, but when I was in Italy last year all everyone listened to was latin music (salsa, etc.).
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If it were me, the last thing I'd want while I was in Italy for 6 months would be more Italian music.

Maybe instead, give her food she can't easily get over there, like peanut butter.
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That way, she'll never want to move back in with you and you can have the place all to yourself!

;- )
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I agree with smackfu on the foods-you-can't-get-in-Italy idea. If you want Italian music, you might try Nomadi, who were described to me as the "Italian Grateful Dead" (official site,amazon).
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I was there this past summer, and while i didn't have radio access, I kept hearing something like dj bobo's chihuahua song constantly. I also heard a lot of Europop, and also a lot of Brittney Spears USA top 40 music. Also, while there is a lot of gelato in Italy, they do not eat shit ;p (When you mention that you want a very "Italian" song, all I can think of is Verdi's Va Pensiero, which is like the most Italian song ever).

Digression time: You mentioned that you don't want to buy her anything, but if you recant, here are some suggestions: If you want to send her off with food: nutrition bars like powerbars just do not exist in Italy. But the food in italy is so delicious and fresh, there's really no need to pack snacks. You could maybe get her a pair of binoculars, which was the best thing i packed. You can find some cheap ones for under $30. She'll inevitably do sight-seeing, and these really come in handy for all the amazing art (especially sistine ceiling). Also a cool going away present i bought was an i-zone polaroid camera, which is really cheap, light, and was fun to take instant picture-stickers of all the sights. I also enjoyed giving the instant photos to tour guides and other helpful people i met. If you still don't want to buy her anything, macaroni collages with glitter and gold paint are fun to make...
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"Come Stai" by Vasco Rossi is a nice and very Italian rock anthem. I haven't been able to find a copy online though.
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Some Italian pop singers that are popular here:

Tiziano Ferro (Sere nere, Perdono)

Eros Ramazzotti (Quanto Amore Sei, Piu bella cosa)

Elisa (Luce (tramonti a nord est))
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Francesco de Gregori. Laid back contemporary Italian rock music. Very nice.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies. The food idea is interesting, and I may do a little shopping for American basics, but I think her number one reason for going to Italy is the food. As for the polaroid, she's thinking of buying a digital camera before she leaves, but man, that would be fun.

Keep the suggestions for music and other things coming. She's one of only two people in my life who require gifts this holiday season, so it'd be nice if I actually got her some cool things for her trip. I just don't have any idea what.
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A few songs by Paolo Conte might be good on there: his is jazzy cabaret-type music, have a listen to tracks like Via Con Me and Gong-oh and see if they fit your bill.
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I've always liked listening to *good* rap/hip-hop in the native language. Some languages sound hilarious when rapped-to. I have one (and only one) good Italian rap song. Because I'm such a gentle, kind, generous spirit, I'm going to host it on my web server for you to download directly. Go get it now! Supplies are limited!
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The only Italian music on my hard drive is either 70's prog, synth soundtracks, or disco:

Goblin - instrumental prog horror soundtrack music
Ennio Morricone - soundtrack king
Franco Battatio - 70's art rock
Raiders of the Lost Arp - 00's retro house
I-Robots - Italo Disco compilation
Kano - Italo Disco
Georgio Moroder - is this guy even Italian?
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Off the top of my head list in addition to Ljubljana's (in decending order of personal prefrence):

Lucio Battisti (Italy's Bob Dylan)
Vasco Rossi. Vasco Rossi. Vasco Rossi. (Italy's Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
Zucchero (jams with B.B. King on occasion)

Really shouldn't be omitted:
Litfiba (now disbanded as the lead signer has gone off to persue a solo career)
Ligabue (singer-director-whatever. Raspy voice that is rather catchy)
Giovanotti (Italy's Fresh Prince)

If you have space:
Gemelli Diversi
883 (both spaghetti rap groups)
Nino D'Angelo
Renato Zero (Italy's Elton John)
Mina (Italy's Barbara Streisand?)

Could do without
Laura Pausini (if you like overwrought hysterics)
Carmen Consoli (every frikin song sounds like Parole di burro)

I'm sure matteo could provide a more insightful list, minus the semi-snarky comments, but those are the Italian artists on my playlist at any given time.
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Nino Rota's soundtrack work for Fellini's films is often upbeat and great for the "I'm a star discovering Italy" feeling.
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