Whats the best way to capture, edit and share an over-the-internet recorded interview for my blog?
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Whats the best way to capture, edit and share an over-the-internet recorded interview for my blog?

I have a blog dedicated to startups where I interview people using Skype or webcams and want to know the best way to:

1. Capture the audio and video into my mac computer
2. Edit scenes out and add other audio/video commentary that I record post interview
3. Upload it and share it to my blog (either hosting myself or youtube, viddler, etc)

I like the idea behind http://www.jingproject.com/ but I don’t know if they allow for editing before you share it.
And http://www.techsmith.com/ looks like they have useful products for this as well, but I don’t know which is the best.

I currently use ScreenCast or the Skype recording plugin but are unhappy with the rendering time and out of sync issues. I will then use Final Cut or Motion (which I think is overkill) to edit and render the final interview.

Does anyone have a standard choice for this setup that can make this whole thing easier? Maybe through the use of templates?
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i would use skype for the call
camstudio for the free OSS high quality screen grab (works well with skype, used it many times)
edit with FCP as you mention.
and then a flash based system (youtube or one of the multitude similar ones) for hosting and playback
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but I am using mac...camstudio looks like its only for pc
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has anyone had success with jing or techsmith's products?
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We use Camtasia Studio (the program that camstudio is based off of) at my work place all the time and i can vouch that it is a simple program that's easy to use, but you are right - it's windows only.

I wish i had a better suggestion for you. I goggled "screen recorder" and got a few options - you may try that.
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Screenflow and iShowU HD are the best for Mac.

I'd recommend Vimeo for uploading the video and embedding it.
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I've used ScreenFlow to record screencasts and demos including simultaneous video, system audio and mic input. The built-in editing functions are on-par with iMovie, and I've successfully exported to Apple Intermediate Codec for inclusion in 1080i videos edited in Final Cut Express. I have noticed that ScreenFlow hiccoughs when dealing with multiple monitors, though, so it may be best to unplug your second display (if you have one) when using it.
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