How to insert a link into a blog without the blog changing it?
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How can I add a non-traditional (non-website) link to a blog post/template without the link being changed upon saving?

The blog website I'm working with changes the Skype "Call me" button script so that instead of directing the computer to open Skype and start a call, the link leads to a nonexistent page on the blog site.

I'm pasting the script from the Skype website.

This is what the html should look like:

[a href="skype:myname?call"]call me[/a]

but when I hit save (for a post OR for a text/html sidebar widget) the blog's address is added to the beginning so that the link becomes:


What's going on? Is there some command I can use to tell the blog not to change the link, or to make the script inviolate?
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Edit: Actually, the script is being saved as [href="myname?call"] -- it's taking out the Skype option.
posted by ramenopres at 10:27 PM on March 30, 2010

Hmmm, doesn't sound good. Sounds like the blog software is knocking out anything before a colon, to prevent you using javascript.

It would help to know what blogging software it is. Sometimes there is a "raw html" mode where you have more freedom, but my offhand guess is you're screwed. You might just have to post the skype name and let them paste it themselves.
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Yes, sounds like your blog software is at fault here.
Maybe you could try something like:

[a href="javascript:window.location.href='skype:myname?call';"]call me[/a]

That might work if your blog software allows javascript in URLs...
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Any chance you can share with us what blog software you're using? I agree with drjimmy11 and LMDBA, it sounds software specific, and if we know which software it is, we might be able to find a better solution.
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I'm sending mefimails with the blog information. :)
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So, after a Skype session with ramenopres, here's the cause and workaround:

The blog host in question is providing hosted Wordpress services, which have the same problem with Skype links that does - they strip most non-HTTP links out as a security measure. Hosted Wordpress also generally disallows javascript or installation of plugins.

The best solution/hack/workaround we found (as suggested in this blog post) was to create the desired Skype link and then run it through a link shortener (such as TinyURL) to get an http version of the link. TinyURL happily sends the user along to Skype, Wordpress sees an HTTP link and doesn't strip it out of the page. Win/win.
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