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Where can I find some skates like the ones in Flight of the Conchord's Ladies of the World?

I've been looking around for some outdoor quad skates. These appear to be New Balance or Saucony? The skates are absolutely ridiculous. I must have them.
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If you're feeling industrious, make some (I'm pretty sure the ones in the video were custom).
posted by darksong at 5:46 PM on May 25, 2009

The upper was the Saucony Jazz, circa 2004. If you can find a five year old pair of the shoes somewhere and mount them like darksong's tip, you'll be in business.
posted by netbros at 5:54 PM on May 25, 2009

Perhaps this guy may help you out. 'Artistic skates' are the type you are looking for, best with large sturdy toe stops!
posted by hortense at 9:04 PM on May 25, 2009

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