Which hospice?
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We've come into a situation where we will need hospice care soon. What hospice do you recommend in the Tulsa, OK area?
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First, my condolences. My father was in hospice in December and while losing him was difficult, the situation was made as easy as possible by wonderful staff.

I'm not in the Tulsa area, but I've got some contacts that may be able to help make a recommendation. I will try and get some information and get a post back to you if I can.
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Best answer: You should interview the hospices. Ask them to come to the patient's home. See how long it takes them to respond. Ask these questions...

How often will the nurse see the patient (it should be much more than the 1x/2week requirement and should be based on the request of the patient and family).

How far away does the nurse on call have to drive? (1 hour should be the MAX)

What is the staffing ratios of nurses to patients?

How many hours of respite care are available each week? (this is provided usually by trained volunteers)

What are the charges? (There are great hospices who charge nothing beyond what the insurance pays).

Will the hospice doc make home visits?

If there is a medical crisis (pain, other symptoms) what are the options for dealing with it? Where does the hospice provide inpatient care? Where does it provide respite care?

What resources are there for the caregiver and the family?

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (www.nhpco.org) has many resources for patients and families.

Best of luck to you and your family.
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Your doctor should be able to recommend at least two or three hospices whom you can then interview. Your doc will have a better idea of what hospice is right for your condition and your location.
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