Chasing down some hot European sex
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American male/female swinger couple stranded in London next month. Where's the best fun?

We're a mid-twenties married couple seeking straight and queer-friendly sexy fun while in London on business. He is bi-curious and to even suggest that in most swing clubs will get you beaten up or kicked out (male homophobic behavior and chauvinism abounds). As much as they proclaim otherwise, most swing clubs are all about being thin and fake-looking and fucking like a porn star for the benefit of the men present.

Lifestyle and kinky folks, where can we find the hottest and least prudish sexual shenanigans in London? Ideas for anything from sex shops (there's so many; where to start?) to burlesque joints to sex clubs are welcome.

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Torture Garden.
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Soho has quite a few sex shops; unfortunately, they're all pretty similar to one another. This past weekend I went into about every one I could find there, and it seemed like pretty run of the mill stuff, although if you're looking for any DVDs or magazines you could probably keep yourself occupied for quite a long time. If you're out and about for a day you could take a wander around there and possibly find out what's going on that night.
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