Songs that remix dialogue from films?
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PF Project's song Choose Life is constructed from samples of a monologue by the lead character of the film Trainspotting. Similarly, This Is Your Life by the Dust Brothers is built around samples from the film Fight Club reformulated as a monologue and overlaid on some trip-hop beats. Neither was actually featured in the film, but were released as singles and appeared on the soundtrack. What other songs like this are there?
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Scooby Snacks by Fun Lovin' Criminals samples pulp Fiction...
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Best answer: "The Reaper Rap", by Steve Vai, of "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey"! I don't know if it was released as a single, though. But it is on the soundtrack!
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Public Image Ltd. made “Order of Death” using samples from The Blair Witch Project.
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White Stripes' song The Union Forever contains a bunch of lines from Citizen Kane.
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"Your Mind Belongs to the State" by Meat Beat Manifesto samples extensively from James Toback's The Big Bang and the Monkees movie Head.
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Herbaliser samples voice clips, I'm not aware of sample origins though.
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Outro by Catherine Wheel steals a bunch of line's from Nick Hornby's "High Fidelity". Not a movie, but similar idea - and the same words may be in the film - it's been a while since I've seen it.
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White Stripes' song The Union Forever contains a bunch of lines from Citizen Kane.

That's a little different from what the asker is looking for though if I understand the question correctly, as it's a medley of songs that are partially performed in Citizen Kane, rather than a patchwork of spoken dialogue. It's also sung by Jack White, not sampled from the actual film soundtrack.
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Response by poster: I'm looking for songs with lyrics that are substantially or entirely sampled from a film. Bonus points if they're on the soundtrack and were released as singles, but that's not essential.
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Velvet Acid Christ, "Futile 98" from Fun With Knives is sampled entirely from one of the Star Trek movies (Nemesis, I think).
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Unkle's "I Need Something Stronger", from Never, Never, Land samples THX 1138 pretty heavily.
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Incubus - Recoil

Monologue from Apocalypse Now
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Best answer: Orbital - Beached (on the soundtrack and is structured very similarly to the PF project track)
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Best answer: This is going way back, but there was a song like this by Prince - it was almost purely instrumental, and the movie's "official" song - for Tim Burton's first Batman movie. To make it more interesting (in the context of your question), I believe that it was only the radio cut that contained dialogue samples from the movie, while the soundtrack album version didn't include them.
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Here you go, check out the remixes seciton here.
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DJ Shadow's Song Stem (Cops 'n' Robbers mix) sampled heavily from a movie. Google tells me it is sampled from the movie Heat.
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some guy named pogo does some amazing songs in this style too. He has songs built from Alice in Wonderland, The King and I, Harry Potter, and more.
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I believe that the Propellerheads' Velvet Pants uses samples from the documentary "Groupies" for its lyrics.
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