Extended Stay around Mountain View, CA
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Looking for recommendations for Extended stay around Mountain View, CA. Due to work I will need to work out of our Mountain View office. I was looking for suggestions for decent, reasonably priced extended stay (month to month) outfits to stay at around that area while I look for rentals etc. Would be looking for a studio type place with internet/TV connection and some kitchen facility.
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The Oakwood Apartments in Mountain View are quite nice and come from a large corporate housing provider. They may well be too expensive if you're staying during the summer (intern season), but worth a shot to see what you can negotiate. Is this something your company is paying for as part of your relocation or is it all on you?

Aboda Corporate Housing also has a couple places they work with in MV.
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Whatever you do, I would advise against Extended Stay America in Alviso. That place is a rathole. While I was there I saw:
1) A loud suv pull up one night with a bunch of idiot kids getting out who looked too young to drive
1a) Cops the next day who told me that the car was stolen.

2) Kids having sex on the steps from the side parking lot.

3) Several ant infestations.

They may be of similar quality in other locations.
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I stayed at Oakwood in 1990. It was pretty nice - ended up being nicer than any apartment I rented in that town.
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Well, yeah, it should be nice for the (outrageous) rent they charge. I stayed there for a month, but only because it's the only place I knew of which you can arrange from afar.

Although almost identical to the Oakwood where I stayed for several months in Northern Virginia, the Mountain View Oakwood's rent was easily three times more expensive. But maybe since this is work-related, money is no object?

Although I've only had marginal success acquiring housing via craigslist, perhaps you'll have better luck -- I'd explore their "sub-lets & temporary" section.
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I see the Oakwood is going for $167/night . . .

In 2006 I was able to book a nice 1B w/ kitchenette room w/ ethernet internet in the Sunnyvale Staybridge Suites for $115/night for several weeks. I just walked off the street and gave them a take-it-or-leave-it price and it worked.

In this economy you might be able to book for $100/night for a month, dunno.
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Thanks for all the ideas. Somebody here also mentioned Oakwood to me. But something told me they tend to be on the higher side. I will be paying out of my own pocket. So trying to keep cost low. May be I should broaden my search to nearby towns.
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Homestead at 85 and El Camino. It's not an interesting location. And there's the Residence Inn which is about 3 blocks from my house and is a decent walk from downtown and its restaurants.

I can't really recommend either of them though as I've never been in them.
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Oops. Man I borked that link. Residence Inn.
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I do suggest following toroi's advice and trying to negotiate with these places directly. Oakwood and the like may quote a certain price, but corporations are almost certainly getting discounts off these rates. Nothing wrong with telling them what you can pay and seeing if they'll accept.
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Paying out of my own pocket. So trying to keep cost low. May be I should broaden my search to nearby towns.

Yes, to next-door Sunnyvale. A penninsula chain to look into is Pacific Hotels and the sign on their Pacific Inn advertises $41 rooms (that's if you divide the weekly rate by 7). These cheapest rooms are 'European' (shared toilets & shower in the hall) and tiny, with a Murphy bed against the wall (ironic, given the location so convenient to trendy Murphy Ave). Amenities include microwave, fridge, TV and a sink. Not for everyone, but adequate, and walking distance to CalTrain.
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