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Wire[d|less]NetworkingFilter: I have a snow Airport base station that I can happily configure via ethernet cable from a non-wireless-enabled Graphite iMac running 10.3.6 and configure and connect with (using the 56k modem) using a wireless-enabled computer. I want to connect using the ethernetted iMac. Is this possible? [mi]

Support docs do not seem to consider this question worthy to ask. Yes, I have another router but modemless - in this case, I happen to need the modem. Suggestions for inexpensive routers with modems that can definitely do this with wireless-cardless OSX iMacs are OK, but the answer to my question would be more welcome. Oh, and more than a "Yes" woud be nice, too - I'd also like to know how!
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You want to use the modem in the base station to connect to the internet, using an iMac connected by ethernet? I'm surprised it doesn't work already. Make sure the iMac is plugged into the LAN port (pointy arrows on the socket), and I think there's a checkbox in the Network tab you need to enable DHCP for it.
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Response by poster: To clarify: I am not asking how an ethernetted iMac can share a connection that was made using the base station's modem. I am asking how an ethernetted iMac can tell a(n Apple Airport snow) base-station modem to connect.
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Response by poster: Update: (in case anyone looks at this again) According to the Airport group at Apple, what I want to do is possible - and they have discussed, for example, making the base station available in the Network pane - but they have decided against enabling it.
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