Exporting graphics to make an animation in Final Cut?
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I'm attempting to make an animation by exporting graphics from Photoshop into Final Cut. The dimensions of the image are fitting, but I think the format of the graphic is making it appear pixelated in Final Cut. What file format should I be saving it as before I import it into Final Cut? (pngs and jpgs are failing, rather predictably).
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Jpegs should be fine I would have thought. I use them all the time. It depends on what dimensions your project is set at, and what dimensions your images are.

At very least you should be working in 720x576px workspace. That's standard def. If your images are that size and ratio or more, then you should be fine. Sometimes when you have a super big image imported into FCP it might appear funny but export fine. It depends on what playback quality are you viewing your sequence in. If you set it to High or Best or whatever it offers you, that might make a difference.
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What version of Photoshop?
What are the original size of your photoshop file (in dimensions)
What are you trying to output it to (DVD, Video tape, etc.)

Do you intend to animate the layers in photoshop? Or is it just a series of frames?

Answer those and we'll go from there.
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When you play the sequence in Final Cut does it look worse compared to when the timeline is just standing still on an image? If so it will probably be fine when you export it.

You can also try rendering the sequence (it's been a little while, but I think you can try even if you have a green bar above the clips).
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Without telling us the Canvas size of your sequence and your image size, we aren't even out of the starting gate here.
making it appear pixelated in Final Cut.
You mean on the Viewer/Canvas during playback? Did you try exporting a sequence as a test?
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Jpegs are fine in Final Cut. Some possibilities:

1. In your project, select your sequence and choose the menu option Sequence Settings.
2. Select the Render Control tab. Make sure your Render Resolution is 100%.
3. Select the Video Processing tab. Set Motion Filtering Quality to Best.
4. In the General tab, what Compressor are you using for your sequence? If your sequence will solely consist of animation, don't use DV/DVCPRO - NTSC. Change the compressor to Photo - JPEG or Animation.
5. Is your Frame Size correct? What is your Frame Size?
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