Coverage of domino day? (not that one, Lotus!)
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Where can we get extended TV coverage of Domino Day in the UK? (and fun ideas pertaining to Domino Day) ...

For a number of years now, my partner has been an avid fan of Domino Day, setting aside the afternoon each annum to watch the coverage on UK Terrestrial TV (Five, if I recall).

This year, there's a good chance we'll own somewhere together when it rolls around. I'm thinking of celebrating the Domino Day therefore by acquiring an HD Projector and hosting a Domino Day party (in a similar vain to eurovision parties, for those who might've had such things) wherein we all gather round and watch the awesome spectacle in action.

Ideally for this - as Five (or whoever get the rights this year) seem to have relegated the coverage to an hour's highlights - I'm looking for any knowledge about any Sky, sports or foreign channels it might be covered on more extensively. Preferrably live, I'd happily take the coverage after the fact if it were in a fuller form.

As a last resort, I suppose I can always look to the Internet for it, but thats a different kettle of fishy hassle.

Additionally, if anyone has any neat ideas for themes/things to do etc. on the day (with or without the requirement of a party), that'd be just swell.

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Best answer: Good luck finding somewhere to watch it! I'd actually never heard of it before except a vague awareness of that bird getting shot. I might try to check it out.

Anyway, as part of your party you could switch on the TV at the start of the coverage by arranging a domino run so the last domino hits the power button on the remote control.

You could also make some awesome domino biscuits/cookies/cake using this technique.

For comedy, you should also hide a tiny (chocolate?) bird somewhere for your party guests to find.

Finally, a party idea that I've only just thought of and now dearly want to try. This will probably only work with a sufficiently geeky group of people (a MeFi meetup, perhaps?) but hopefully your friends will qualify! Split your guests into teams and assign each one to a room or area. Set up a lever or big domino (book, etc) at each junction between areas. Then each team has to build a domino run or Heath Robinson machine that starts at one big domino and ends at the other. One team's "end" domino is the next team's "start" domino. So when all the teams are finished their own section, you now have one giant run that spreads all over the house. Set if off, admire the ingenuity that went into each team's section of the run, and mourn the property damage that will almost certainly result.
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Wow, I've never heard of this, but I want to watch it!!! When is it? Does anyone know if there's a website that streams it?
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Response by poster: jasper411, it almost always happens in November, and this year its reportedly the 13th — unfortunately, the official website is crap, so I'm going off this ning social network.

Should you want to, you can also apply as a guest builder. Currently I'm trying to establish what Builder in which year?(*) means with regards to the application, as I want to surreptitiously apply on said partner's behalf.
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Alas, I'm in San Francisco, have never built anything with dominos, and can't imagine that I could get over to the Netherlands to do it. I just want to watch and this seems like it would be an amazing opportunity to stream coverage. Eurovision does it, why not dominos? Maybe I'll email them a request.

And, yes, metaBugs, this would be an amazing thing to do for a Metafilter meetup!!!!
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