Is the Zimbabwe govornment still printing 100 Trillion Dollar notes?
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Is the Zimbabwe govornment still printing 100 Trillion Dollar notes? I looked in Google for a while and cant seem to find a definitive answer. thanks everyone.
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According to XE, "The Zimbabwe government redenominated the ZWD again on February 2, 2009 at a rate of 1,000,000,000,000 old ZWD to 1 new ZWD"

1.00 USD = 336.460 ZWD (currently)
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Short answer is no, they are no longer in print.
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Two nights ago on a variety TV show in Japan there was another installment of a comedienne's ongoing African adventure. I suspect it was shot 3-6 weeks ago. This time she was in Zimbabwe, and the staff procured a 100 Trillion Zimbabwean Dollar banknote for the Wow! effect. They claimed, however, that it was currently worth less than 100 yen (that is, less than 1 USD), but no one in the marketplace, they said, would accept anything but American dollars.
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Just to provide some mefi context, the askme and then the meta about buying Zimbabwe money nine months ago, at which point many felt that buying the money was morally questionable.

Considering that the notes are no longer legal tender, would that make their acquisition less ethically dicey now?
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For those looking to obtain, I've blown up a bit before about why its a bad idea. What is a joke to most of the world is equivalent to very real mass human suffering in Zimbabwe.
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preview, dammit. preview.
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Yes it doesn't exist anymore, but you can buy it on Ebay.
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