comfortable cordless phone -- my holy grail
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Is there a comfortable cordless phone out there?

I like to tuck my phone under my shoulder when I talk, so I can walk around and get things done while yapping. I don't like using a headset, so I am looking for a cordless phone that's comfortable the way those old attached-to-the-wall phones of my childhood were. Most (all?) modern phones are square and thin and not long enough, so they slip out or make me crane my neck uncomfortably or poke me awkwardly.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Bonus points for:
- good sound quality
- good range
- answering machine
- matches my living room decor
- Taylor Kitsch's voice for default outgoing message
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Just assimilate to the headset borg. Resistance is futile. this one looks pretty bulky, as does this one and this one.
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I love my Uniden. We've had it for ages. It even has a little contour on the back made just for shoulder-tucking. After some googling, it seems it might be hard to find. It's the model number EX1376 900 mhz cordless. Mine is charcoal or black and we've always had Uniden phones, with excellent results. They're good quality.
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(er, just to clarify my other comment, the links actually do go to handsets, not headsets, that looked like they would be good for fitting in your shoulder)
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I always thought the Panasonic Dects were good. They meet all of you bonus points. But for comfort, I think it all comes down to your head and your ears.
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Buy one with a speakerphone.
(Taylor what..?)
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seconding Uniden.

i have this handset (different base, though) and it's awesome. i'm not sure if all Unidens have the contour that cooker girl mentioned but mine does and it's very comfortable.

the phone was $50 and is the only cordless phone i've ever had that doesn't suck.
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I had the same issue, and eventually had to give up, went with a plantronics + headset. The expensive / higher end stuff is a lot more comfortable.
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Thanks all. I really can't wear a headset, though. I've tried, and it just isn't me.

Taylor Kitsch is the hottest thing alive right now. Catch him on Friday Night Lights, the best TV show in the history of that typically pathetic medium.
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I have panasonics very similar to the one suggested by rtimmel, but black, and I like them a lot - I have kooky hearing that is often incompatible with cel phones, and the sound quality is good enough for me to hear them just fine.
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