What are those circles in Fenway Park?
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In Fenway Park, close to the base lines between home plate and first and third bases, there are two dirt circles in the grass. What are they? Example. They are too close to the baselines to be the on-deck circles, and I have never seen a photo with anyone standing in them.
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Best answer: They are fungo circles. for field practice. someone hits balls from there.
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Best answer: While the batting cage is over the home plate area, coaches hit fungos - flies and grounders - to fielders. I think the fungo circles are there so the grass doesn't get worn. You have to come early to batting practice to see all the stuff that goes on.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks! I see in other parks they get covered up. I am going to a game soon so I'll be sure to watch for people in there during batting practice.
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The park opens two hours before the scheduled game start-time. Generally, you will not get to see the Red Sox batting practice. They'll finish before the gates open. You'll be able to wander around in the Park. I recommend heading off to the left or right field corners, for the best chance at snagging a batting practice foul ball.
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I believe that they're also used to help orient the catchers. When a catcher is looking high in the air for a ball, the circles help him know where he is in relation to the baselines.
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Response by poster: So I went to that game before batting practice ended and everything was covered up. I suspect it's a long gone spot they used and have kept as a traditions. I did, however, get a ball during practice because I showed up so early to see this.

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