a backpack that won't warp or crumple paperbacks
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I need a backpack that won't warp or crumple paperbacks. Cheap, plain, no frills. Should simply hold books in place and maybe a binder. I don't carry a laptop or any fancy accessories. Bonus if it doesn't make me (25 y/o grad student) look silly.
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I've found that the computer compartment for backpacks makes an excellent receptical for books/binders when not storing a computer. You may want to look at a computer pack that's heavy on the computer space and light on the rest of the storage (if you were looking to keep it lean).
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Exactly. Get a laptop backpack anyway, because they have the structure you need to keep your paperbacks unmolested.
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Have you tried putting your books in a laptop sleeve? Depending on the thickness of your books, that should work.

I have a Timbuk2 laptop bag, and paperback books (and my kindle) are fine when they live in the narrow space between the laptop sleeve and the pockets. If you get a messenger bag without the sleeve, there might be too much open space for your books. Putting your books in a laptop sleeve might do the trick.
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Ugh I hate how books get all smushed in backpacks! Get yourself some book bungees!
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