knock knock! Who's there? Not your washer anymore
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My top loading washer might be dead, can you help?

We were washing a couple of pillows and it started knocking really loudly. We went down and the washer had eaten one of the pillows, sucking some of the pillow into the innards knocking the basket loose from whatever holds it in place.

I can wiggle the basket enough the grab big handful of foam from the inside of the machine. What does the basket sit on in there? Is it something so fragile that it most likely is broken?
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I've found the repairclinic site to be helpful when trying to diagnose the problems with my washer. Look at the "It won't drain" section for basic instructions on how to remove clothes from the outer tub. They also have diagrams of the interior of machines, and putting in your make/model may help you see how the basket is set up.
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Seconding Washing machines are really quite simple devices. Take it apart using their drawings and find what has come apart or what part has broken. If you need the part tomorrow (you have kids and your washer is broken) then see if there are any local appliance parts stores in your area. Most repairs of a washing machine are at about the basic level of repairing the fill system in your toilet. Just about anybody can do it.
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My washer recently went dead when an item left in a pocket (part of a jackknife) got caught in the waterpump. You might want to check if there is foam clogging your pump...
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