directions how to fix an overflowing washing machine
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How do I fix my overflowing washing machine?

I have a Philips 747 (front door) washing machine. Yesterday, when it should have been working (was actually) I heard the sound of running water IN MY APARTMENT. I found the machine working while overflowing. It didn't stop taking water until I closed the faucet that leads to the machine.

Any directions on how to fix it? (I suspect whatever controls the water intake or leads to it died.) I could especially use links to diagrams and/or the manual. I don't have the manual and couldn't find one online.

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Just to be sure, you're not overloading your washer, are you?
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The Samurai Appliance Repair Man
I've had pretty good luck with this site. (Spent a long time Googling with a funky dishwasher, this is the best site I found.)
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Jon-o, nope. I'm not overloading it (I like clean laundry ;-)).
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I had an overflowing machine a few months ago. I have the service manual and parts list for my machine. You can probably download copies for your machine.

My manual has a troubleshooting chart:

1) Turn the power off to the washer.
2) Turn the water back on.
3) If water continues to enter the washer, the problem is the water inlet valve.

I got a valve from, and followed the instructions in the service manual.
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Oops, I didn't remember you tried to find the manual online.

If you own the machine (it's not your landlord's machine) and want to save a few bucks by doing the repair yourself, get a manual from the dealer or manufacturer.

Here are some links:

Washing Machine Repair Guide: How to Test the Inlet Valve

washing machine parts and washing machine repair advice

The above company has a RepairGuru e-mail service for questions.

Contact Philips United States

This Philips website doesn't list washing machines. Try their phone numbers at the above link to locate a manual and parts.


The above company doesn't list the 747. Contact them, maybe they have the parts, or the parts are the same as a model they list.
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the water level sensor switch is operated by air pressure generated by the water rising in the tub.
look for a tube connecting from the bottom of the tub
to a diaphragm type switch with an adjustment to set waterlevel, look for the thing wired to the water level(load size) knob /button this switch controls the inlet valve, check this before replacing the inlet valve.
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I am not at all competent when it comes to subjects like this but it so happens that my washer was doing the same thing last week, and somehow, I fixed it. Actually, I know how.

I flipped up the control panel and coming from one of the knobs (the one that controls how much water goes in, i.e. the one that you turn depending on how big your load is) was a little clear plastic tube. It was pinched behind something. I pulled it out and suddenly, it started working again.
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thanks all! especially Jim Beecher!

so far I'm stuck trying to find someone with parts for this machine. too bad it's mine :-(. one day, when i finally have a place of my own i'm going to have one of these and power it with an exercise bike!
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just in case someone with a machine (front door, only cold water, comes in through a hose at the left top corner in the back) and problem like mine, here's what fixed it:

i was told by an angel of a technician to hit the incoming water hose right at connection with a hammer. i did. not too hard, on the hose. and it worked (bless him)! seems that there's some pin in there that gets dislodged and this can help it get back into place.
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