Vaseline on my nose? Good idea? Really?
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I've caught my first cold of the season and the frequent nose blowing is irritating the skin near my nose. I seem to remember a suggestion to use vaseline on the irritated skin - does that sound like reasonable solution?
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Don't do it. Apparently there is a small risk of inhaling petroleum jelly and it turns out that is really really bad for the lungs. Having said that, I've done it and so have lots of people, so I guess what I am really saying is be very very careful.
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Doesn't that just gross out an already gross area? I don't know, in the past I've just used the tissues with the lotion in them, and found that they helped a lot.
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Instead of using straight-up Vaseline, try chapstick/lip balm on the affected area. It's less messy, less greasy, and is designed to soothe irritation. Every once in a while, the skin between my earlobe and jawbone will get dry and cracked, and a single application of chapstick sorts 'er out good.
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Yeah, if you don't mind the tissues with lotion, I recommend them highly. I've never had a problem after I started using them.
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In addition to whatever you're doing for your nose, might I recommend those triple-ply puffy tissues with lotion? They actually do help, much to my surprise.

(on preview: damn!)
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Full disclosure- I work PT for Bath and Body Works while in school.
I use a newer product they carry called Aromatherapy Remedies Cold & Sinus Therapy Lip and Face Balm. It is in a lemon and chamomile scent, so it does not smell obnoxious, (it really smells like lemon creme cookies-yum!) and it is not greasy at all. At $6 for a little pot of it, it is a splurge, but it is also the best ever lip balm during non cold times as well. I use a little spatula or q-tip when applying when I have a cold.
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I've just overreacted to this - disputations in Meta.
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schmear a huge dollop of bacitracin or carmex inside and out on the nostril surface at bedtime, as well as across the filtrum (the little depression in the midline of the upper lip). Believe me, if there was a risk to petroleum jelly, you'd know.
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Petroleum and human flesh don't mix. Disregard what our mothers did back in the dark ages; avoid all contact with petroleum. Also, stay clear of the Carmex treadmill--it's worse than heroin! I say this as a recovering Carmex fiend. There is no cure, only management.
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I use a tiny dab of cortisone cream at bedtime, when I'm less likely to disturb the area for a while.
Some people are allergic to lanolin, which is in both many lip balms and many lotion tissues. If you try something and it seems to make it worse, you should probably read the label and see what's in it.
Triple-ply puffy tissues, even plain, are softer than anything else and cause less stress on the skin.
I don't put anything near my nose or mouth that's not water-soluble. The lungs can clean up some amazing messes given enough time, but you have to give them a fighting chance. IANAD, YMMV.
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I rarely get colds, but I do get a little hayfever, and have found if I use cotton bandana hankies instead of kleenex, my nose doesn't get raw at all.
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BOROLEUM!! Trust me, this is the shit. I had a constant runny nose when i was a child, and had tried everything for a chapped nose. I've been using boroleum for ages after going through the spectrum of 'nose lube'. It's no frills, all natural, and uses the same ingredients since 1906-ish. At the first sign of a cold, i keep this slathered on my nose during bed rest.
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Response by poster: I'd never heard of BOROLEUM, but will try to find some tomorrow. Thanks for all the replies.
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Puncture a Vitamin E capsule and squeeze the liquid therein onto the red and painful tissue. Always works for me....
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jperkins, on the east coast/nj area, we have a discount beauty/drug store chain called Harmons. That's where i've found it. Any specialty drug store should carry it, but i'm not sure if places like CVS carry it. Btw, boroleum is like the all-natural version of Viks Vapor, so it has a very slight minty kick to it. But it moisturizes sooo well, and it's not as greasy as vaseline. Please don't waste time experimenting with any lip balms, because none are as effective as boroleum. Also, not to disagree with Lynsey, but while vitamin E is good for the skin, it is not a moisturizer, sits above the skin, and is really really oily/dribbly.
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You can wipe a whole sniffly cold's worth of nose with the Kleenex with Lotion and not get red. Switch to them and you'll be fine.
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If your nose is already red and sore, hydrocortisone cream is very soothing.
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I used to get this every single time I got sick. Straight up vaseline helped a lot, but then I discovered Burt's Bees. Now when I get sick, I do two things:
  • do not use a roll of TP for noserag!
  • keep a rich coating of Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm on my nose.

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    Danelope, that advice about lip balm is great - I have the same thing as you with dry/cracked skin at the bottom of my ear and I'm going to try that next time.

    And I love the tissues with aloe vera or vitamin whicheveritis in them. I always used to get a sore nose, now I don't. Hydrocortisone cream seems a little over the top to me, but that's because I've been using steroid-based creams on my son's ecsema and the doctor is very cautious about overuse.
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    "there is a small risk of inhaling petroleum jelly and it turns out that is really really bad for the lungs."

    True... but the same thing can be said of boogers.

    Medicated stuff like Vicks VapoRub and Carmex will sting. Lard works fine, if you've got nothing else.

    Dab, don't wipe.

    Never use Hydrocortisone cream casually for anything.

    This from your friendly "Ask a Nurse" line volunteer.
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    steal some of your GFs/Roommates/Mums eight hour cream, apply liberally, and the rah begone.

    Another good one is diaper-rash cure all Idominsalva.
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    It took me a few years to acclimate my nose to Colorado winters, and during that time, I swore by a product called Nose Better. Just making sure you have a medicine cabinet full of nostrums to show for your question.
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    Lansinoh or Aquaphor.

    Or if you're hardcore, get some A & D Ointment.

    Why yes, I do have babies.
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    I hereby second the vote for Aquaphor. A bit expensive, but it does the job magically.
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    And I'll third the vote for Aquaphor. Works like a charm.

    Note to dash_slot, even though he probably won't read this: My mom doesn't know about Aquaphor, and I'd be interested seeing the google query that would tell you that Aquaphor works better for irritated skin on the nose than Vaseline (unless you include "Aquaphor" in the query, which you probably wouldn't know to do unless you already knew the answer).
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