Ukraine vs. The Ukraine
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Ukraine vs. The Ukraine. Is the latter outdated now that Ukraine is an independent nation? Do Ukranians feel strongly about the difference? I hear people refer to it both ways.
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Best answer: Ukraine or "The Ukraine"?
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Steven Notley's 'Bob the Angry Flower.'
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Response by poster: Thanks, Danelope, that clears it up.
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"A few neanderthal writers in the past have even promoted "the Ukraine" to reflect the original meaning "the borderland" in order to diminish the international political stature of Ukraine." [—empahsis mine]

Stopped reading at that point. The point is valid but if one is going to write about proper usage... I don't know, maybe "neaderthals" is acceptable scholarly usage.

CIA says...
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My take, for what it's worth.
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German has die Türkei and a few others besides.
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