Help me find fun facts.
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What are some good blogs for surprising/absurd/historically interesting facts?

I'm looking for sites with especially cool trivia (not standard pub quiz kinds of things), the kinds of fun facts that blow your mind or seem too absurd to be true and make you want to share them with all your friends.
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Some of my favorite history blogs have moments of whimsy, but they might be too heavy overall for what you want. Still:

Boston 1775

Civil War Memory

Vast Public Indifference (If you find 17th and 18th century New England headstones humorous--and who doesn't really?)

Got Medieval?

And sometimes, Edge of the American West.
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Harper's Index is good for this, but requires a subscription to the magazine to access.

ah, You can browse it via the web. Eg. Harper's Index on Japan.
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Not necessarily little factoids, but Strange Maps often features a lot of neat historical (and geographical, obviously) information.
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Strange Maps
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Yeah, Harper's Index is great! (I'm already a Harper's subscriber mostly just for that)
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Try, and .
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Seconding futility closet; consistently excellently interesting.

Also, The Weird Encyclopedia. (Maybe NSFW)
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This may push the limits of what you are looking for, but Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant webcomic is 99% of the time filled with history hilarity. (In easily digestible illustrations!) The something-of-an-offshoot history_time Livejournal account also has fun history every now and again.
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I came here just to recommend Mentalfloss but I see I've been beaten to the punch. Thirding that.

Boing Boing
OMG Lists
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