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Arizona Civil Traffic citation: Need to find a source for some decent legal advice, but not (I think) representation.

I have a court date for an AZ civil traffic citation in the near future. I won't discuss the circumstances here, but I'd like to get some decent advice about how to present my side of the situation to the judge. I don't think I need courtroom representation but I want to ensure that I say everything I need to say as correctly as possible. Who or what service would MeFites recommend I contact in this context?
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A lawyer licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.

That is the only kind of person who is legally permitted to give you the kind of legal advice you're seeking.
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In short, a lawyer will be your best source of legal advice.

It couldn't hurt to at least call around to some traffic ticket attorneys. Before you hire them they should tell you what they can (and can't) do for you. You might be surprised by a low cost, because most traffic ticket attorneys (in my jurisdiction, at least) make their money on volume.

There is a lot of "bunk" on the internet about beating traffic tickets. Every jurisdiction has its own nuances. A good attorney will know the best strategy for your jurisdiction and situation.
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Yes, for better or worse, toomuchpete is correct: licensed attorneys have a monopoly on "legal advice."
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Nolo puts out a lot of material to help laypeople navigate their own legal lives. They are considered reputable by lawyers.
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