Country barbecue in the big city?
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Where can I find a country barbecue "in the sticks" within a reasonable driving distance of Chicago? Bonus points for live music outdoors.
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I can't recommend any worthwhile road trips if that is what you're looking for, but if you want quality bbq with live entertainment (and BYOB to boot) you can't go wrong with the Honky Tonk BBQ in Pilsen.

The place has some of the finest bbq I've ever had, easily the best in the city. Live music tends to be on Friday and Saturday night and of the blue grass variety.

And hey, for some of my friends in Lincoln Park, Pilsen is "the sticks."
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If you can scratch BBQ and go for Cajun instead I would recomend this joint: Rons Cajun Connection.

Here's why to go:
It's out near Starved Rock - so you make a day of it and can also go for a nice hike.
About an hour and a half out of Chicago.
Obscure beer? Check!
Deepfried goodness: Check!
They've got live music (infrequently).
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The Texas Bar B Q in Algonquin is a good motorcycle ride from Chicago. No outdoor music, but it's right on the fox river and does have a nice view.
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