Bizarre visual phenomenon
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Occasionally, I experience a strange visual phenomenon that resembles a vortex of some sort...

... I distinctly remember experiencing it aged 14, and it repeatly resurfaces. It is very real, and to me suggests an illusion of depth, like a bubbly vortex or portal in the centre of my vision, moving in on itself and lasting for several minutes. I can't be the first to experience this apparently harmless apparition. So what is it?
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Sounds like a visual migrane.
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I suppose I should add a via, since that thread had a lot more information about such things.
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Response by poster: MrMoonPie: sounds similar, though this is much less severe - I have to pay attention to really notice it, and it isn't accompanied by any discomfort. In fact, I've never even had a migraine (luckily!). I'll have a good read of the thread though, and report back.

kalessin: It sounds far less severe than what you experienced, so while I appreciate your concern, it's not something I'll be rushing to the doctor over. I do suffer from Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) so perhaps that's related. Most of all it's just an odd curiousity, particularly since it reoccurs in exactly the same form and I can't find any other description that matches it.
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I actually experienced an optical migraine for the first time this past weekend, and it was quite similar to what you described. For me, I had a "bright spot" in the center of my vision that appeared unexpectedly, and then had limited peripheral vision along with a jagged/shimmering effect in the center that lasted for about 30-45 minutes. For the next hour or so my vision seemed fine, but I had a general discomfort of a headache and slight nausea (nothing compared to the "regular" migraines I used to have in my teenage years - those knocked me out).
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Response by poster: Holy shit! This is what I'm seeing!
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I think I used to experience the same thing as a kid, especially in bed at night, staring at the ceiling. I would see swirling and fluctuating pinpoints of color--usually pink, purple, red--shifting. I have never discussed it with anyone in my adult life and haven't experienced it in many years.

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Sounds like a visual migraine to me. I've only had a few, and mine are less colorful than the flash demo linked above, but no less obstructive of my field of vision. A couple of times they put me in real danger--once i was driving and lost about half my field of vision in my left eye; another time I walked out into traffic I couldn't see--so I don't recommend ignoring the problem.
I noticed that, when these pop up, I get the same fizzy feeling in my head that often accompanies a more traditional migraine. YMMV, obviously, but that's a nice little Oh, that's what's going on cue for me, especially since they're not a frequent occurrence.

If you can afford it/have insurance, it's worth seeing a neurologist.
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OP: I have to pay attention to really notice it, and it isn't accompanied by any discomfort.

I experienced visual migraines with no accompanying pain for a year or so, and then, without warning, one day my aura was followed by severe migraine pain that lasted for several days. I'm not saying this is necessarily going to happen to you, but it's good to be aware that the nature of migraines can change.
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I walk to and from work. On days when I'm walking with my head down, looking at the pavement in motion, sometimes I'll look up and the sky and see what your describing. The clouds seem to be bubbling and simultaneously advancing and receding. It's a retinal aftereffect of the movement, a/k/a the waterfall illusion.

Does it look like this? Because that's what I see.
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Response by poster: argybarg: Basically I see that image I linked to described as a "form constant" but moving as the black and white grid does that you linked to. So perhaps it is indeed an aftereffect of motion. But that "form constant" is so uncannyily like what I see, I can only assume that it is linked at the nerve-level or something, since that specifically seems to be linked to consumption of peyote, etc.

As yet, I've experienced no pain, but I do get headaches from time to time of varying intensities, and coupled with my poor eyesight and the testimonies shared here, I think I'll get it checked out.

Thanks for the help, everyone. I think I'm a finally a step closer to solving this mystery.
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You might find some useful stuff at the Hypnaogia wikipedia page, linked from the page you linked to. As I understand it hypnagogic (before sleep) viusal hallucinations are commonest in childhood, but not exclusively so. As a child I would often experience hallucinations in the moments before sleep. These would take the form of a jeweled net, something similar to that described by General Tonic, these were moving and were took the form of a triangular grid which are another variation on the form constant. These faded with adolescence but I still occasionally suffer from Sleep Paralysis which brings other forms of hypnagogic hallucinations with it. There is apparently some evidence linking sleep apralysis with migraines but I have not suffered the later to my knowledge.
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