Hotels in Chicago
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Chicago Hotels? We're looking for a modest, comfortable place downtown or on the near-northside to park ourselves between seeing the sights over a weekend. A gay-friendly B&B would be cool, too. Any recommendations? Bonus points for hipfunkycoolness.
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Call the W and see if they can offer you a deal. See what you can get online and they will try to go lower. The Hilton will do this too, but the W is cooler.
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there is a really cute B+B here. i've never stayed there, but it looks nice when I walked by. This isn't exactly downtown though, but its near boystown which fun...and very gay friendly.
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Hawthorne Terrace Hotel. It’s cheap and in a cool local.
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Hotel71 on Wacker. If you can get a river facing room it's the best deal in the area. I stayed there in August for three nights for just $238. Couldn't beat the location, the hip factor and the price combined.

Have a great time and drop in at Roscoe's for a drink and dancing.
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When I got married, my bridesmaid gift to my best friend was a night at Hotel Allegro. It's super funky and cool.
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there are a couple B&B's in my neighborhood (the gold coast).

it's about a twenty minute walk to the loop. about five minutes to the magmile. right at the south end of the lincoln park. i don't know about gay-friendly, particularly, but it's a generally friendly neighborhood, i find. lots of cabs, the howard line subway runs right through it, but it's a very walkable part of the city. the water tower, the hancock building and the tribune tower (as well as the bob newheart and benito juarez statues) are right here.

(although i love the hotel allegro as well--very funky and right in the middle of the loop)
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The Inn at Lincoln Park may be a little old (I think it's Victorian era) but the staff was nice and friendly, the rooms are quite charming, there's cookies in the lobby every morning, and it's the type of place that you're sure has a friendly ghost or two.
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