I need to find this picture.
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I need to find this architecture picture.

This may be a long shot but I need to find the original source of this picture. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y25/sarahwags/help.jpg
That's it.
Thanks in advance.
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Two questions:

1) Do you want to know the name of the building, or where the picture itself comes from?

2) What information do you have about the picture? Where did you get it? Do you at least know what country it is from?
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Response by poster: I don't need to know the name of the building or who took the picture.

I found this picture about a year ago on either Google images or Flickr. Unfortunately I know nothing else about it.

The reason I need it is because I used in a project about a year ago. The computer I saved it on got a virus and is long gone. I scanned that one from a low-quality print.
I just need to find the original so I can get a high quality print.
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Well, Tineye did not find it on Flickr or elsewhere.

Unfortunately, without more information to go on, I have to say that this simply looks like any number of post-modern, slightly Brutalist, slightly Deconstructivist, apartment blocks. It could be anywhere. More important, for your purposes, it should be easy to find a substitute photograph with the same functionality in your document.
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