More mandolin music, please
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I really like Paul Kelly's mandolin recording, "Varmland Waltz," on the muji website. Help me learn to play similar music, either from sheetmusic or by ear from recordings, on my mandolin. I've got jig skillz and reel skillz, so I can handle music that's intermediate to challenging, I guess.
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What is it you're looking for? Other tunes in that style? I'd look for collections of scandianvian fiddle tunes — there isn't much mandolin playing in that tradition, but just about anything that works on the fiddle can be made to work on a mandolin too, and if you read sheet music you'll be fine.

(I listen to a bit of scandinavian folk music, and I play the mandolin, but the stuff I play is more old-timey. So I'm afraid I can't recommend you a specific tune book. I just know they're out there.)
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Are you familiar with The Session? There's a whole section of waltzes which you can sort by keys and modes.

For some basic Scandi music, try the ABC tunes from Speledans.
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