Where can I rent an import truck?
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Where in Vancouver, BC can I rent a Toyota and/or a Nissan truck?

I'm planning to buy a truck, so I've been surveying the scene. I've already had a chance to drive Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 diesel (nice!). I'd like to try the import trucks now. Unfortunately, the rental places have domestics only. In US, I know that Toyota does rentals through dealerships, but this doesn't apply to Canada. Anyway, do you guys have any ideas? I tried googling, but no go.

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Couldn't you just go to a dealer and test drive one?
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It's a bit more work but if nose around a dealership for a while you can often get them to give you a weekend or overnight test drive. Not as much time as a week rental but free.
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I was able to rent a Toyota Yaris from the Budget on West Pender (Chinatown) last year. When I initially booked, I was told I would get an Accent "or similar". Getting a Yaris was a pleasant surprise. You could try calling the dealership directly to see if they rent out Toyota trucks, but I know that some of their cars were Toyota.
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Response by poster: I've talked to a couple of local dealerships, but they are not willing to provide a vehicle for longer than 15 minutes. That's not a proper test drive in my opinion.
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The Car Coop definitely has these.
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