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Do you know which song was featured in the opening scene of Medium s05e11?

Episode 11 from season 5, 'The devil inside (1)', starts with a beautiful song. Listen to it here (Youtube link).

It sounds awfully familiar, yet I don't have a clue. Anyone?
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Best answer: According to this post at adtunes, it was an original piece written by Sean Calley, the composer for Medium and 24. Someone wrote to him to ask, and this was his response:

Hello, there,

Thanks for your interest in the music to that episode. That is an original piece which I wrote for the episode. It presently is not available for purchase, as I do not hold the copyright on the material that I've written for the series. I am trying to put together a Medium soundtrack album in the future, in which that piece would certainly be included. I'm sorry this is not the answer you hoped for--but I thank you for being a fan of the series. Cheers, Sean Callery
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Response by poster: Thank you, iconomy!
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