Wanted, bass player dead or alive
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Hi mefites: Possibly the whitest man in the world here currently building a bonfire out of all his Fender basses and tossing his standup on top. Anyone know who played bass on Honey Cone's "Want Ads?". I'm guessing James Jamerson, who probably walked in and did it in one take and yawned and said anything else? Sort of a throwaway tune I guess, but Jebus....guys just walk into a a studio and do that? Sorry for the earworm, but I just want to shake the guy's hand so I can count his damned fingers.
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I believe it was Gary Johnson. Album credits here.

That Honey Cone record came out in '71 on Hot Wax, while Jamerson was still with Motown.
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Yeah, Allmusic verifies his presence on the LP and has him co-writing at least one Honey Cone song on the same record.

Not conclusive, but pretty close unless you can think of a reason there'd be another bassist listed on that record.

p.s. Thanks. I love Honey Cone. Their version of "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" is one of the greatest pop-soul songs ever. And "The Day I Found Myself" is a great kiss-off song.
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Response by poster: thank you in large funky amounts hive mind...dont know why this song hit so strong today,,,but shit howdy doesnt that bass line just make you smile?
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I often feel like smashing my bass when I hear David Hungate basslines (Toto).
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