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OSX (Tiger): Using Control-Click > Quick Search, I want to add Wikipedia to the list. How?
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Best answer: In what application? Ctrl-click is the same as right clicking, and brings up the same contextual menu, so searching for "add Wikipedia to contextual menu [application] OSX" might help. I don't get a "Quick Search" option when I right click in Firefox, Safari or Finder, though, so I am at a loss as to what specifically you have in mind.
posted by paisley henosis at 2:51 PM on May 1, 2009

yeah, could you be more vague?
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Response by poster: Thanks for helping, paisley.
I didn't realize this was determined by the app. I should've added that I'm using Safari: I simply control-click (one button Pro Mouse) on a word to bring up the Quick Search menu.

After using your search term, I didn't see a way to easily add Wiki to Quick Search without downloading plug ins. But it does seem a plug in will work. I found this thread about SafariStand which I'll try.
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I think he must be, floam.
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Response by poster: Wow. Embarrassing.
I found I already have SafariStand running in Safari, and that is where 'Quick Search' is coming from. So, if you've followed along this far in the circle I'm leading, I can do exactly what I set out to do with the settings in SafraiStand.
I wouldn't have known that without your questions though, so thanks again.
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