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Planning a bachelor party in the Dominican Republic and I need help with EVERYTHING...yeah, I know, not very helpful. Details after the jump.

I've been asked to help plan my friend's bachelor party in the Dominican Republic. Google hasn't been very helpful, it's just a slew of BOOK THIS HOTEL NOW! links. Punta Cana keeps popping up but it looks like it might be more family-oriented and less debauchery-oriented.

The details:
- Group of 8 to 10 guys
- We're all in our late-20s to mid-30s
- Looking for beach, golf, good nightlife
- The entire stripper/boob-bar-ping-pong-ball-surprise thing isn't any sort of deciding factor.
- We'd like to spend in the neighborhood of $150/person/night on lodging. Obviously, spending less would be great and, if there's a place that's absolutely amazing, we can be convinced to spend a little more.
- We would prefer a hotel but we're not adamantly opposed to renting a house/villa if it's on the beach. Are the all inclusive options even worth exploring?

I'm not sure if there's any other info should I provide. If you need any more info, I'll be around to answer any questions.

Thanks for your help, MeFites!
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I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but in my travels I've round small family run places like this ecoresort to be much more fun and budget friendly than the mega-resorts. (A quick search for Dominican Republic + Ecotourism also brought up this place in the mountains.) I don't know anything about this particular place, but they seem like they offer what I would consider the ingredients for a good time in a tropical paradise: beautiful scenery, low key atmosphere, beach, proximity to food and cocktails, and the ability to accommodate a group of friends and it's around $45 a night pp. There are probably many similar small low-frills places that will rent out a whole villa to the guys. You might even find something close to a golf course.
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Also, the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forums offer a wealth of information.
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Oh, and here's a list of golf courses.
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Also, you might want to check out a similar post on metafilter.
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I got married at what was the viva resort in Bayahibe. it's got golf, great hand rolled cigars, cheap booze, and is all inclusive (or was). white sand beaches, diving, did i mention the cigars?
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