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Stuttgart for a day.

So, my current job brings me to Stuttgart Germany, and I'll have a day coming up to escape. Looking for things to do, places to go eat, etc. etc. I'll only have a short time, so just things in the general area. Like to see geeky things (cars notsomuch) but open to anything.
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I know you said you're not so excited about cars, but Porsche did just open their new factory museum...
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True true, I was looking for something else besides the obvious factory and museum tours.
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The zoological and botanical gardens are truly amazing--definitely worth the visit.
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Also, the Carl-Zeiss Planetarium is about as geeky as it gets.
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I'd second the botanical gardens. Take the U-bahn to Wilhelma.
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Have a Döner Kebab on the street, just pick whichever stand has the most people crowding around it. They're yummy- roasted meat bits on a pita. Also keep an eye out for Burek- I'm pretty sure a Turkish restaurant in Stuttgart was where I had my first one. They're like pizza pockets times a zillion- fried pastry full of runny cheese- and they're crazt.
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"Crazt" isn't some new hip German term, by the way. I meant "crazy".
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I quite enjoyed meandering through the Kunstmuseum. It's a neat building architecturally and there's lots of cool art, both modern and medieval. Stuttgart has lots of green space, and it's nice to buy a pastry or a pretzel and sit on a park bench and people watch. I like the Mittlerer Schlossgarten, if I recall right.
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There's a Protestant church down the main road from the train station (gosh...I'm useless...someone help?) that amazed me. It is Gothic architecture, but glass "sails" on the ceiling of the interior make it seem amazingly contemporary. I loved it.
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