Any good (i.e. customer service wise/price wise) UK/Euro equivalents of sites like newegg for shopping for external hard drives?
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Any good (i.e. customer service wise/price wise) UK/Euro equivalents of sites like newegg for shopping for external hard drives?

My cousin's production company, which I'm working for, is looking for good hard drives (>150GB) at a good price to backup video footage... I always liked newegg, but the shipping over the Atlantic plus customs costs don't make it such a good idea.

Can the hive recommend any sites that you've had good experience with that are Europe based, especially UK? This will ease our shipping and customs costs to our nearby land, and help a fledgling company in these times of strapped budgets!

Thanks in advance for your time and advice :)
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CCL computers is awesome.
posted by Grrlscout at 3:57 AM on April 28, 2009

CCL is pretty good. Ebuyer is also pretty fantastic.
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Seconding Ebuyer.
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Google Product Search UK is a good place to start looking.
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Ebuyer are great price-wise, and have a decent range, but in my personal experience they aren't great on customer service.

I still use them, but I'm wary about getting anything costly from them.
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Ebuyer and Scan usually have the best prices on hard drives. Look for special offers (e.g. Ebuyer have a 1 TiB external for £75 including free shipping now) or consider buying caddies and putting in the drives yourself. Depending on volume you might want to look elsewhere.
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As already mentioned - Ebuyer, CCL, Scan are all decent and will have good prices.

Lamdatek have good prices but a somewhat quirky site. Also Dabs and Insight are probably worth checking out.
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I usually use Overclockers, and have also bought from Dabs, Scan and CCL. No problems from any of them.
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Ooh, overclockers - forgot about them!

I'd be careful with Scan if you were ordering goods that might be delivered anywhere. Their prices are pretty good, but they hold fast to a five business day return policy. (from the day they say the order is complete, not shipped) In other words, you need to receive the order without delays in shipping to you, open the box immediately, call them with any problems, request a return label immediately and cross your fingers it gets back to them within five business days. Not that big of a deal if you're down the road from them in Rochdale, but if you're having the gear delivered elsewhere, be aware.
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Response by poster: Awesome, I will peruse these sites...thanks to you all.
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