I need a free and robust math worksheet generator
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I need a free and robust math worksheet generator, and don't care whether or not it's a script, web-based, or software.

It should produce addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems; create addends, minuends, subtrahends, multiplicands, multipliers, divisors and dividends with as many digits as I specify, within reason; and ideally, export to Excel, or at least cut and paste accurately to there. Being able to throw decimals in would be nice, but I'll pen them in before I photocopy the sheet if I have to.

There's a number of worksheet generators online, but it's hard to find ones that go beyond 4 or 5 digits. Right now I use some online generators, and make up the rest of the problems myself, using Excel as the framework for placing numbers in columns. Excel's random number generator doesn't work the way I need it to for this - I have each digit of the problem in its own column for alignment. For the tougher problems I make the grid behind the worksheet visible and let it serve as graph paper - it helps the students line up their work, particularly partial products and long division.

Can anyone point me to some page I've missed in my extensive Google searches?
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booksherpa, if these tools don't meet your needs, something like this would not be too difficult to code up. I'd need a mockup of what you'd like the problems to look like on paper.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Fozzie, but I've seen and bookmarked that site, and it only goes up to 4 digits. Onalark, I can send you a copy of the most recent review sheet I made for them using Excel; it's got the basic layout of all four operations. Thank you thank you thank you!
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