Sort of like Thoreau, but with dogs...
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Yet another vacation question. I'm trying to find a cabin to rent in mid-July. The requirements are we want to bring our two small dogs and we want it to be fairly remote/off the beaten path. We're located in central Indiana and would prefer a six hour drive at most.

My wife and I would really love to find a cabin somewhere along the Appalachian Trail or its surrounding area to rent for the week. Not only do we need a dog-friendly spot, but we'd prefer to keep the drive there from Indianapolis to a five, six or seven hour time limit. I'm guessing this limits us to Tennessee or West Virginia?

We don't really need much at all in the way of amenities or square footage, in fact we'd be willing to sacrifice quite a bit in order to find something a little more out of the way and non-touristy.

We'd like to spend the majority of the time hiking and/or mountain biking, so easy access to trails is a huge plus.
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I've had friends rent cabins the Smokies and they loved it. They stayed well clear of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and felt quite apart from the civilized world. I can't give you a name, though, of the agency they used. These particular friends are currently overseas.
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I'd look at Here is one that is pet-friendly. Here is another. You have to look around to find ones that are smaller and allow dogs, but I have had good luck finding places there.
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Seconding - my wife and I have found some great pet-friendly cabins to rent using that site.
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Response by poster: I have heard of vrbo, but was really hoping for something more obscure/backcountry than most of what is listed on there.
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