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What software will open a .wls file?

Searching reports that something called "602 PC SUITE" will do so, but that piece of software doesn't seem to exist, and the company that allegedly makes it doesn't have anything named that or similar.
posted by infostud to Computers & Internet (7 answers total) reports that it's also associated with a "Web Log Storming Log Analysis Project," in addition to the mythical 602 PC Suite.
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Don't know about .wls specifically, but assuming you've opened it up in a text editor to make sure it is not a simple text file with a fancy extension, you might want to run the "strings" program over it and see if that gives you clues as to the program that produced it, or otherwise shows you the content (assuming it is something from a word processor type package)

Strings for Windows can be downloaded from or is built in on most Unix/Linux environments.

Good luck.
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Looking a little further down the google results for .wls seems to indicate that its related to a company called Software602. The wiki entry states that they are "focused on PDF conversion and secure messaging solutions." Maybe try a .pdf reader of some sort?

Also, there is an unanswered question on their forums about converting a .wls file; as well as a somewhat obscure reference to it as an 'office document' extension, which might indicate that it is an old spreadsheet format.
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Appears to be a spreadsheet associated with the alternative to MS Office mentioned above (602 Suite). Might try opening with Excel. May have to fiddle with it. Copy and rename as CSV extension, etc.
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I used to use 602 Text, it was like Open Office, but not good.
Here's a link to download it.
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I found the freeware edition of 602 PC Suite 4 on an old Simtel archive ( As part of the suite it installs "602Tab", which is an Excel clone. It handles (reads and writes) .wls files. If your .wls file is from that software, you're in good shape.

Although the software is clearly marked as freeware on install, and in the license file, and appears to be legitimate, you'd be wise to make sure you scan it for viruses etc before install (especially if you believe the .wls file you need to open has sensitive data in it).
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Ask the person who created it.
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