Need a therapist in Salt Lake City
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Recommendations for a psychologist or psychiatrist in Salt Lake City, Utah?

My dad is looking for one, and I know from experience that it's very frustrating poring over directories, just guessing about who might be a good fit. He's an atheist, so someone who is of a similar mindset or for whom spirituality really doesn't enter into the therapy would be ideal. Any information about a particular therapist would be great. Resources for finding a therapist in Salt Lake are also be appreciated, especially if they offer something more than matching your zip code to a person in your area.
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Search for Salt Lake City Therapists on the website.
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Robin E. Roberts
675 East 2100 South, 2nd floor
(801) 484-2091

I will never again recommend anything on MetaFilter with as passionate a sincerity. (And I say that mindful of how often I post here.)

She's the best.
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Response by poster: Fantastic! Thanks to both of you.
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