charging an iPaq
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PocketPCfilter: I want to charge my iPaq 3955 and use an accessory simultaneously - unfortunately, the AC uses the same plug at the bottom of the unit. SO: Is there a way to split the plug, or am I going to have to splice the two things together somehow? I've asked this question on PocketPC boards to no avail. (I'm not a huge fan of PPC, but this is for a specific little project.)
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This probably won't be a helpful answer, but what type of accessory do you want to use? There may be alternatives to that specific accessory that use, say, IR or Bluetooth.
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Response by poster: A joypad, specifically a Zeta joypad. There is another, far inferior joystick thing that has a pass-through for power, but it's bad enough to be unworkable.
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Oh, in that case you're screwed. What kind of project is this, anyway? You can use a conventional keyboard and mouse (well, almost) using Bluetooth - that's what I do with my PPC phone.
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