Pre Globe Theater restaurant in London?
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Where to eat before an evening performance at Shakespeare's Globe in London?

My friend and I have tickets for Shakespeare's Globe theater in London on Saturday, May 2 at 7:30 pm. We'd like to eat before the performance, somewhere near the theater. The menu at the Globe's Swan Brasserie is uninspired, but we haven't ruled that out as an option if there's nothing better. I found and there were some interesting restaurants, but most are farther than I'm comfortable with (in case service is slow), or only open for breakfast and lunch. We'd like to keep this to a moderate price range, and avoid Indian food, as we're having Indian the next night.
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I would recommend Wagamama's, if you have never been there. There is one just a few blocks from the Globe. We thought the food was very good. Not fancy (it is noodle chain) but fresh with nicely balanced flavors. Much better than I would expected from a description, we liked it so much we took friends there again two nights later.
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Best answer: There was an excellent middle-eastern (Lebanese?) restaurant just around the corner from the Globe a couple of years ago. We were sent there by someone working the front desk at the Globe after a tour, when we asked for somewhere we could find good vegetarian food. I can't find it by Googling right now, but perhaps someone at the Globe could refer you?

Man, that was good food. Nice atmosphere, too.
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The Real Greek Bankside is right next to the Globe, on the river. And it's tasty and not expensive.
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If you walk just round the corner you will come to Borrough Market which is a food heaven. Most of the stalls are closed in the evening but a small number of restaurants on its periphery remain open. My favourite is Brindisa which is at 18-20 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TJ -
Telephone: 020 7357 8880. Enjoy.
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sorry, forgot to mention that it is a tapas place and more info is here
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Response by poster: You're all teriffic! Great suggestions; keep 'em coming.
amtho: Could you mean Tas Pide?
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The restaurant in Tate Modern, practically next door, is pretty decent.
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The drawback of Tapas Brindisa is that you can't book and may have a long wait for a table. Other than that I love it - it serves the best food of any of the suggestions so far (IMHO of course).
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If you're running really late, and can't get dinner in time, there's a Pizza Express just across the street from the Globe, and they let you take takeaway pizza into the performance. There is nothing like watching King Lear eating pizza in the drizzle.
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I'll second Real Greek Bankside. good choice, cushie.

I've also eaten at the Tate Modern's restaurant, but if i recall, it was a bit more expensive. But if you like the art and open power plant aesthetic, go for it!
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Best answer: There was an excellent middle-eastern (Lebanese?) restaurant just around the corner from the Globe a couple of years ago.

If it's the same place I've been, it's an Anatolian place called TAS Pide. Delicious. Pide is a really interesting sort of anatolian pizza done in a wood-fired oven, shaped like a boat, lots of great filling choices.

20-22 New Globe Walk SE1 9DR
Tel: 020 7928 3300

Hey look, the have a web site!

Highly recommended!
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Thirding TAS Pide, seriously!
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Best answer: I believe that is indeed the place. There's also a TAS restaurant in Bloomsbury, and I remember we ate there too.
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Response by poster: Tas Pide is the frontrunner so far. I'll okay it with my traveling companion and Skype them Monday morning for a reservation.
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I'm coming in to this late, and you might already be in London, but I'm also in favor of TAS Pide. My wife and I ate there when we went to London for last Valentine's Day weekend. Good service and extremely tasty food.

Damn. Now I want to go back there and I'm a three-hour train ride away.
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Response by poster: Sorry to be late in closing this out. Our trip to London was great, and we did eat at Tas Pide before seeing "Romeo and Juliet" at The Globe. The restaurant is very attractive and the service was great. Although the food was tasty, I didn't think it was all that special. When we go back again, I'm going to try Real Greek.
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