Cheap lodging near the Shakespeare Globe adn Tate Britain
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I'm visiting London in early March and I was wondering if anyone knew any cheap bed only accomodation (under £40) with access for The Shakespeare Globe and Tate Britain. I'll be going Wed/Thurs. I've checked some accomodation websites but they were all a pain to use.
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YHA would be about your only option on that budget. This one would give you a very historically interesting 10 min. walk through The City to The Globe & TM. Never stayed in this particular hostel, but the ones I have used have been clean, if basic.
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This is the best place for cheap London hotels, but hostels are probably more in your range.

I live in London, but before I moved here, I stayed in the YHA linked above, and the one in Soho. Both are adaquate, although I've stayed in better hostels (but then again, I've stayed in worse). They have lockers, OK showers, you can't ask for much more, really.

As punilux says, the St Pauls one is better for where you say you'll be, but the Soho one is not far away, and better for getting an overall feel for the city, IMHO. Have fun.
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There are other cheap hostels, like The Generator near Russell Square.

You do pay your money and take your choice. Travel Inn Metros are about 70 quid a night.

Days Inn aren't in the best locations - but the Waterloo one is opposite the Imperial War Museum.

I guess Holiday Inn Express will be about the same (other chains include Mercure and Novotel - many have opened hotels just on the south side of the Thames, in decent locations).

This Formule 1 hotel is cheap (about 30 pounds), shared bathrooms, but quite far out of the centre (but ok for public transport).
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I stayed at a Thistle (big, higher mid range chain) for £60 a night quite recently. They keep having offers, one even had rooms at £32 a night, although you need to catch these. Excellent for Central London (I was at Kings Cross) and private bathroom. Parking was £18 though, but never mind :-)

You might want to try Priceline. You can get some great deals there. I hover on a Priceline forum where people talk about the prices they got stuff for, so check that out too.

Thanks for that Formule 1 link deaddodo, I've never heard of that chain before! Might come in handy when I'm out on the road and feel too tired to drive home. And especially handy since I'm thinking of wandering over to Europe soon... :-)
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I've used this place a couple of times. It's basic, the fixtures and fittings are cheap, but it's clean enough. The rooms are small and it backs onto a rail line. It seemed safe enough, but I probably wouldn't leave anything valuable in the room. It does meet your price and it is in a good location - a couple of minutes walk from Victoria station.
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You do realize there's nothing else interesting in that neighborhood, right? mostly offices and some residences. I worked right next to the Tate end of the Blackfriars' bridge for a couple of years. There is a very British inn/pub right there, probably 2 min walking from the Tate; I think the name is Stafford Arms.

Having said that, I'd try to find something closer to the interesting bits of London; my personal recommendation would be the Thistle Charring Cross, about 5 minutes on the underground plus 10 mins walking from Tate. The Thistle is probably about $130/night.. There is also the Strand Palace (Strand Hotel?) an extra 5 minutes walking distance. Much less recommended but much cheaper as well.
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