MLB + API = ?
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I'm looking for an API that'll give me near-real-time access to the day's baseball scores, including individual player lines. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

I'd prefer a free or modestly-priced solution. And barring an existing API, I'd welcome advice on how to construct one via screen-scraping or some other method.

(I expected this to be easier to find. :-( )
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you can get csv files with stats...
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Just so you know - those scores/lines are considered the property of MLB and/or MLB Advanced Media, and they guard their property pretty zealously. They license to the major fantasy providers, but they're not known for giving stuff away for free.

With MLB-built iPhone apps and making a ton of money for MLB, I think you might have a hard time finding an API or anything that will provide them for free.

I have no idea how to construct one, sorry.
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Best answer: I have no idea when this stuff is updated.

But, it's about as complete as it gets.
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Here is a project that seems to be doing some work with that data:

Boxscore Junkie
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Keep in mind that directory above (and the Boxscore Junkie app that's using it) could vanish at any time on any day, since MLB's not actually promising it will stay there, or stay open.
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At the risk of self-linking, itself provides a rather nice unofficial API. I wrote about it in my blog here.
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