When does the Gare Cornavin ticket desk close?
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When does the ticket desk at the Geneva, Switzerland train station Cornavin close on Fridays?
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I'm not really sure if Cornavin is the main station in Geneva, but according to this link the 'prompt sale' is open until 2100h and the 'advice and sale' option until 1830u.
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Best answer: Cornavin is indeed Geneva's main station. To expand on PaulZ's answer, "advice and sale" is the ticket desk, and "prompt sale" refers to the automated teller machines. Should you miss closing or need a later train, there are conductors on all the trains who sell tickets for a few extra francs. (They pass through less often after rush hour, though, and sometimes you get a free ride - that doesn't mean you shouldn't have your money ready!)

Summary: if you need to talk to a human face-to-face for whatever reason, get to Cornavin before 1830h (6:30 pm), ideally with plenty of time to spare due to rush hour. Otherwise, don't worry about it because there are many ways to buy your ticket.
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