Garageband optical audio
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Using optical audio input on Macbookpro 15" and Edirol m10dx, but when I open garage band and arm the tracks it arms for .5 seconds ... then disarms.

Other programs -Reaper, AudioHijackpro, Audacity all recognize the optical audio fine. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks MetaFilter.
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I have some oddness with my iMac and its optical audio, both input and output. Sometimes I have to plug and unplug the ends of the optical cable a few times before it "grabs" or whatever it does. Sometimes I have to do it at the computer end, sometimes at the device end.

I'm not sure what you mean by "arming" a track, however. Does that mean, recording a track?
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Is it possible that you have some other app, say like Airfoil, camping on the soundcard? Shutting off the arming sounds to me like a classic "device in use" problem.
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hippybear: arming a track is what you do to prepare and mark it for recording (ie. when you have multiple tracks, and will want to record to some set of them, while playing back others).
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Response by poster: Only Garageband is showing up in the Force quit menu.
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How old is your computer? If it's still under AppleCare warranty, you should be able to call them and get them to help you with this. GarageBand is, after all, an Apple product.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone.. I'm running Garageband '08 if that helps. Solid body aluminum mac book pro.
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