Jackson Browne's autograph at concert--how?
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Help me get Jackson Browne's autograph at his concert.

Title is self-explanatory. I'm pretty young (22) and so will probably stand out among his crowd--which tends to be in their 50s and 60s (around his age)--and I have pretty much the whole day of the concert free. I have a very decent seat. I have minimal concert experience, though.

Should I show up way before the concert? How much in advance? Or wait after? Where do I go? The stage door? Mingle in front of the stage? Would it help at all if I "looked good"? Any other advice would be much appreciated. The man's pretty much been my favorite singer since I was 14, and I've listened to a lot of other people since then, and getting to see him for 4 seconds and getting an autograph would mean a lot to me.
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Also, would there be any colors I should wear to "stand out"?
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This is not a direct answer, but you can always go this route. If you write a really nice letter you can probably get a signed autograph, though its not guaranteed.
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Most of this depends on the layout of the venue, the policies in place, and where the man's going to be. I don't think what you wear is going to make a big difference. It may even have the opposite effect if you try to stand out. In my experience on both sides of this scene, it helps to show up early and be nice to the venue staff and/or roadies. Make conversation, but don't lay it on thick. Find them after the show and they just might tell you where the most advantageous place to snag an autograph is. Or they might ignore you because they see this sort of thing all the time. The cooler you are about it, the better your chances.
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You might also have some luck checking in with any Jackson Browne fan sites or discussion forums to see if people have any specific knowledge about his habits in this regard. For example, he may tend to be open to meeting fans before the soundcheck on his way into the venue, but less inclined to stop and sign stuff after the show (I have no idea if that's actually true for him; just pointing out the kind of info that long-time fans might know and be willing to share with you). Good luck!
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Oh, and I meant to second kattilathehun's advice about being cool (i.e., friendly but not troublesome) to venue staff, roadies, etc. It won't always guarantee that you'll get to meet him, but it definitely can't hurt.

Also, having gotten to meet a few of my musical heroes over the years, I've learned to dress nicely but normally/comfortably if there's any chance I might meet someone (i.e., good enough in case we get a photo together, but not so fancy that I'm going to be uncomfortable standing around for more than an hour). You want to look smart and pulled together, but no need to wear some crazy outfit and a ton of makeup if you wouldn't normally do so.
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Back in the day, we used to just sleep with him. Depends on how strictly you construe "autograph."

More constructively, I would contact someone at the venue. Some that I frequent have routines; others would have informed predictions about the performers' habits. It is also remotely possible that someone would agree to obtain one for you, though I wouldn't depend on follow-through.
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Don't know where you live, but check out the parking lots of any five-star hotels in your general area early on the day of the show. One of them will certainly have tour buses parked in the back of the parking lot. The band will probably head to the venue in the late afternoon (3:30-4:30) for a sound check, so if you're in the lobby of the hotel around that time, you might catch Jackson Browne as he leaves. If you do find his hotel, hanging out in the lobby (or hotel bar) after the concert is also the best way to get an autograph. Agreeing with scody's advice regarding dress. Using the hotel lobby route, I've gotten autographs (and photo opportunities) over the years from/with members of Queen, Kiss, Devo, Blondie, Adam and the Ants, Motley Crue, Sparks, the Go-Gos, and several others. Good luck!
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Don't know where you live, but check out the parking lots of any five-star hotels in your general area early on the day of the show.

I really, really don't advise this. They go to their hotel to relax. They leave their hotel to get somewhere they need to be. Yes, you might achieve an autograph, but along with it: an annoyed look, a hurried signature that means nothing to you, and hotel staff telling you to leave. Being a musician is his job. When he's at his hotel, he's off work.
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Some of it will depend on the venue. I saw him last summer at the Tower Theater in Philly and the way the Tower is located (landlocked in the city) he had to walk out a side door to get to his bus which was parked on the street next to the Tower. A bunch of people were congregated there. I don't know if he stopped and signed any autographs, but it seemed like a good place to try.

If it's a bigger venue like a big stadium that allows the busses to drive into them, or into a secured parking area, you won't have as good a chance to see him.

He rocked, by the way. The concert was about 50% old and 50% new stuff.
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Call the radio station that is sponsoring the show. Ask for an after show back stage pass. It sounds impossible, but you never know.
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