Family Style is a plus.
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Looking for an affordable restaurant in/around Little Italy NYC that can comfortably accommodate 10 people for an early June graduation dinner. Ideally we'd like to keep it under $35 a head, and one of the 10 is a 2-year-old, so those are added complications. Family-style dining is a plus. Thanks!
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La Mela
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I came here to say La Mela also. Since it was already said, here's a link.
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On the off chance that you're feeling adventurous, I'd suggest Congee Village (or its affiliate, Congee Bowery). Truly decadent feasts can be had there for less than $20 a head if you order right.
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La Mela is affordable, yes, but it is crap..the worst kind of red sauce garbage. Oktober, when you say Little Italy is that because you want "Italian" or you just want to be like on Mott/Mulberry/Elizabeth between Canal and like Spring? Cuz if Italian is not the requirement, than saladin's suggestion is great but also I'd suggest Pho Bang on Mott which is a fantastic and really cheap Vietnamese place. Can easily make a family style dinner.
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Little Italy is at the request of out-of-town family. I grew up in north Jersey, and spent plenty of time in the city, but I haven't lived in the area in about 9 years, so I really have no idea what's even there anymore.
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