Help me shellac my matzoh balls
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I dumped a substantial portion of matzoh ball soup on a canvas. After it dries I'm going to glue the larger chunks down, and then I need to varnish/shellac/something the canvas. What would work best?

The biggest chunks are the matzoh balls themselves, and some big pieces of carrots and zucchini. Is there something I can spray or paint on that will keep it from smelling so that I can hang it up? This only needs to last for a couple of weeks, so it doesn't have to be long term. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Oh, and if it would help anyone answer the question, I can post a picture of the piece.
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Dehydrating the veg will help stop them from smelling. Maybe a warm hairdryer?
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I'd pour salt all over it, leave it for a few days, and then brush it off. I don't know that sealing it would be a good idea—I think that would just trap the moisture inside and accelerate the decomposition.
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Give us a picture, it would help w/ recommendations.
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Hey, thanks for posting this- I had a project idea involving using some sort of acrylic spray to preserve an art piece involving cookies and icing. My thought was that it such a treatment wouldn't halt decomposition entirely, but it would delay it and preserve the biological matter for as long as possible. Looking forward to hearing any possible solutions.
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I'd consider ModPodge.
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Response by poster: Here is the picture.
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I would remove the matzah balls & veggies, prop them up on tooth picks or chop sticks, hit them with 6-8 coats of spray shellac and then re-adhere them. My fast guess is that the shellac will give you lovely balls, but will not adhere well to the wet veggies. Drying them with a paper towel/salt may help.
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I've preserved flowers in full blossom by covering them in a bowl of standard kitty litter and microwaving it for a few minutes - it keeps the shape perfectly while drying the hell out of it. Perhaps try to do this with a test of veg and matzo balls? And then, shellac.
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