Fun things to do in LA via public transport
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What are some fun things to do in Marina del Rey at the weekend or in the evenings, that don't require a car?

I'm staying here for work for two weeks, and (if all goes well) have the weekend free. I'm open to all suggestions. I'm in my 20s, from the UK, and have only been in the US once before.

So far I have thought of, in no particular order: renting a bike and cycling round the area; walking to Venice beach; and (maybe) getting the bus to the Getty. On a previous trip, I've taken a bus tour up around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Bonus points for anything that doesn't require a $100 taxi or four hours on the bus.
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Best answer: Take a walk through The Venice Canals.

Definitely bike ride around the boardwalk.

Try out some of the bars/pubs/restaurants on Main street in Santa Monica, or on Abbott Kinney. I like O'Brien's on Main Street, and The Brig on Abbot Kinney.

Have some Margaritas at La Cabana, on Venice and Rose (open until 3am!).

Trying to think of some more non food related things... coming up blank right now, I think it's because I'm starving.
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Another vote for a bike ride. Bike to the Santa Monica Pier and find the little stand that sells Horchatas. An excellent refreshment, made from ground rice, almonds, sesame, water, and sugar.
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Turtle Racing - a bar.
Bergamot Station - an art complex in Santa Monica.
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Best answer: I don't have any excitingly unexpected answers for you, I'm just going to modify your initial suggestions. Walk to Venice beach (go to the end of Washington Blvd for the closest bit of beach where the fun begins), and rent a bike or rollerblades from the nearest place on the boardwalk. Cycle along the boardwalk, enjoy the people watching, stop for a drink at one of the cafes in Venice, continue on to Santa Monica and have a look round the pier if you like. The next day, take the bus to the Getty, eat at the cafe (a bit pricey, but decent food for an institutional cafe) and enjoy the views, gardens and art.
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Best answer: Call for a meetup.

Hit up the art openings in Culver. ArtScene has a decent calendar.

Eat at taco trucks.

Take a bus down to the Museum of Jurassic Technology and Center For Land Use Interpretation.

You can go to the shooting range near LAX.

(If you need more, I live pretty much at Venice and Sepulveda, and you can drop me a memail.)
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