WHAD simply folk whats that song
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Help find me a song. "Play me a song that will make me cry..." from WHAD simply folk

About a year ago WHADs (Wisconsin public radio) Simply folk program had a woman singer on the show. One song she played was introduced by her explaining she played it at the request of another musician to "play a song to make me cry" the song was beautiful and I meant to look it up on their website when i got home. Fast forward to yesterday when I came across my reminder to look up the song in a pile of scrap paper. I have been to the shows website but they do not have transcripts, and searching for most singers do not provide many returns. The song was beautiful, HELP.
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Without even a snippet of a lyric there's very little chance anyone here can answer this question. Have you thought about contacting the host of the show? His email address is right on the Simply Folk page. And his phone number is on the Requests page, so it seems like he would welcome the question.
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Email the radio show's host. They love questions like this.
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