I can't believe that this is the first Chichester question!
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Suggestions as to things to do and inexpensive dining options in Chichester?

I will be in Chichester later this week to see Hay Fever at Chichester Festival Theatre. I will probably have a few hours on my own before my friends arrive. My friends and I would like to have a leisurely but inexpensive dinner before the show.

I realise that this isn't the most profound question, but do any of you have any suggestions as to (a) things that I should see during the afternoon on my own and (b) good pre-show dining options?

I will have a reasonably big bag with me, but I am happy to do some walking. I am very into theatre but also enjoy historical things and like to take a lot of pictures. For various reasons, very spicy foods and cuisines in which nuts and coconut are hard to avoid are out.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

(For the avoidance of any doubt, I mean Chichester in West Sussex.)
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inexpensive dining options in Chichester

Well, you could try to eat Chichester Cathedral.

Please don't delete this, mods, it's a confluence of obscure Monty Python trivia and Ask Me question that will never occur again in history. And Chichester Cathedral is a famous tourist spot, so the OP could go there -- there's even a lovely cafe!
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I remember afternoon tea at St Martin's tearooms being really nice - get to it via an alleyway by Mark's & Spencer, I believe (it's been a few years). I think entering PO19 1NP into Google Maps UK will give you the rights street. Of course, the quality may have changed since I was last there.

Can't remember any proper restaurants though I'm afraid.
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In nearby Bosham (pronounced Bo-som) there is a Saxon church from the 11th century, which featured in the Bayeux Tapestry as being the one where Harold Godwineson swore to offer the throne to William the Conqueror. And it's still recognisably the church. Bosham's only 15 min by car or train.
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Also, in Chichester, there's an ethical jewellery store called Cred, which you may or may not be interested in.
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I went to uni in chichester, great place. If your in a car and its nice, half an hour away is the beautiful west wittering beach. If your stuck on foot then head to the cathedral, bypassing both the the canal (opposite the railway station on the way - lovely and picturesque with canal boats) and the cross (basically a big stone cross that marks the centre of town - used as a local meeting spot). Coming from the station the cathedral is on your left.
If you want inexpensive pub food and a nice cocktail then I reccomend Wests which is directly opposite the cathedral next door (or so) to the post office. If you dont fancy eating pub grub, do pop in for a drink, it used to be a church and the interior is really lovely.
Theres alot of chain food stores in chi central that cater to the middle class clientele that frequent them; Zizzi, Cafe Rouge, Slug and Lettace. If you want something different, head up North street, (directly ahead at the cross) and there are plenty of pubs that do pre theatre menu's, the best (but slightly more expensive - though not extreme) is The Ship.

Have fun!
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Pallant House for the afternoon. It's small but it is a good showcase of modern british painting and won some "best museum" award a couple of years ago.
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Walking from the train station up to the church/city center, there are plenty of dining options from the cheap to the more extravagant. However, there is a Marks and Spencer right off the city center. In my experience there is nothing more pleasant than a sandwhich from Marks and Spencer while sitting in Chichester Cross and people watching. Get yourself an espresso too.
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don't know if you'll have the time, but the weald and downland open air museum is a short bus trip away--you can pay for bus fare and museum tickets at the bus ticket office. weald and downland is the place one calls if, for instance, one is taking down that old barn in great aunt lula's backyard and discovers that it was built when henry iv was still walking the earth. they come disassemble the structure, number the bits, remove them to the museum acreage and reassemble them. they have a working manor house and farm with heirloom plants and animals. if you're into medieval stuff, this is a must-visit. (the spouse and i are, and did; enjoyed the heck out of it.)

also, though we did not get to visit it, the fishbourne (sp?) roman palace is a short train-ride away--as in very next stop, if i'm remembering correctly. wanted to go, but no time! augh! etc.
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